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User Portal 

Manage your entire companies phone system from a simple, easy to use web portal from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

Auto Attendant 

An auto attendant or virtual receptionist routes callers to their desired party or department with ease

Mobile App

Work remotely anytime or anywhere with our free 3rd party mobile app.  The free mobile app acts and looks like you're sitting at your desk


Free texting feature allows your to text your co-workers of clients from your office number so you don't have to give out your personal phone number

Voicemail to Email

Never miss a message with our voicemail-to-email feature with dictation right to your email.  Comes through as an MP3 audio file with free dictation

Customizable Buttons

Your phone is fully customizable with speed dial buttons, directories and more to make your busy workday easier

Time Frame Management

Using our simple web portal you can customize your business hours, holidays etc. so callers are routed properly during and after business hours

DID Numbers

Whether you're just starting our or looking for a new block of numbers we can pull you a direct inward dial number within minutes of you signing up for service

Fax Over IP

Our fax to email feature allows you to get rid of your legacy fax machine and receive all your faxes directly to your email

Call Parking

Call parking allows your to place unlimited amount of callers on hold and pickup from any phone in the building

Call Queues 

Call queues are setup during installation to make sure calls are routed to the right person or department such as sales, service or billing.  Ring multiple phones or route directly to voicemails

Do Not Disturb

In a meeting or looking for a little peace and quiet during your busy work day?  Push the DND button on your phone and automatically route callers directly to your voicemail


Above is a handful of our all inclusive features but they don't stop there.  Contact RingGenius today to learn more!

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